Cute Charm Edit

When a Pokémon with Cute Charm is hit by a move that makes contact, there is a 30% chance that the opponent will become infatuated, making it unable to attack most of the time.

From Pokémon Emerald onwards, if the Pokémon with Cute Charm is first in the party, the chance of encountering a Pokémon of the opposite gender is 66.7%, regardless of gender ratios. This does not affect the swarming Pokémon species.

Jigglypuff.The opponent becomes mesmerized when it directly hits Jigglypuff with the attack.

Delcatty.When Delcatty gets hit by a physical attack and the opponent is of the opposite gender, the opponent falls in love with Delcatty.

180px-Cute charm's effect

Ambipom is effected by Cute Charm

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